Alex Jones vows to push anti-vax views next time he talks to Trump

Jones: “I promise you, the next time I talk to Trump, I will bring up the vaccines”  

From the July 11 edition of Genesis Communications Network's The Alex Jones Show:

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ALEX JONES (HOST): I know for a fact that Barron [Trump] -- and [President Donald] Trump does not like this being talked about. In fact, I've been told, not by Trump or his people, but by folks close like “Hey, just don't go there.” But Barron was doing great, got a third round of shots when he was two, and, man, it hurt him bad. And I've got articles here today about vaccine damage. Autism is up globally one thousand percent in the last hundred years. One thousand percent -- it's more than that, though. This is just a new study.


JONES: Everybody's got family that got killed or got sick from a vaccine. Most people have been sick themselves. It's incredible. And so, bingo.

Now, Trump can't move mountains and all the rest of it, but he's gone back on Afghanistan, he's gone back on the vaccines, and I say we hold his feet to the fire. And I promise you, the next time I talk to Trump, I will bring up the vaccines. And everybody should go out when he's on the road, holding up signs, all of it. Hell, we ought to sell t-shirts at cost that say, “President Trump, fulfill your promise on vaccines,” and go to the rallies. Believe me, that gets his attention.


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