Alex Jones Says Trump Firing Comey Is About Stopping The Deep State “Fake Russia Narrative”

Jones: “It’s Also The Fact That Comey Is Seen As Weak And As Very, Very Manipulative But In A Candy Ass Way”

From the May 10 edition of Genesis Communications Network's The Alex Jones Show:

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ALEX JONES (HOST): Obviously I hate to tell folks even the general area where we get our information from concerning the White House, because the media has a big field day with it and then tries to shut off those sources. But I was on the phone very, very late last night talking to multiple sources, and then I called Roger Stone about 11 Texas time, midnight his time, we talked for over an hour and he confirmed a lot of what I was learning from other sources. And of course Roger is one of the only people now that Trump still routinely talks to outside of the White House.

Now I don’t know how much Roger will get into today, but I from my other sources separately have exactly what happened with Comey. Comey was compromised and had been compromised for a long time. And was being clearly manipulated by deep state sources to try to exert pressure onto the White House to have the White House carry out the deep state's political aims with this whole fake Russia narrative that if they didn’t basically do what John McCain and others wanted they would continue on with hearings and try to impeach the president. So they’re blackmailing the president with this fake Russia narrative. Senator Rand Paul obviously knows all about this, he has come out and said that’s basically what it is as well, said good riddance to Comey.

Comey ignored crimes that were ultramassive. And he followed the orders of the attorney general who was so corrupt she would sit there and meet on airplanes with Bill Clinton on the tarmac while he was under criminal investigation by her agency. Loretta Lynch. That’s one area.

But it’s also the fact that Comey is seen as weak and as very, very manipulative but in a candy ass way. “Lordy, lordy. Lordy, lordy. I didn’t know. Oh my goodness, I had two doors I could go down. I had one door that was coverup and another door that was get involved in the politics and lordy, lordy.”

Comey has the FBI standing in the way of prosecuting the Clintons for being on the Russian payroll, being on the Chinese payroll 50 times what the Russians were. I mean, it’sthe Chinese that are up our you know what. It’s the Chinese that are almost in control of this country in many respects. I mean we are in deep trouble as a sovereign nation.


JONES: We’re not looking for trouble. We’re not looking for revolution. We’re not looking for bloodbaths. The globalists and their leftist hordes and their “rapeugees” are here to destabilize the west and are trying to push a narrative of violence, and overthrow, and kill the police, and war in the streets, and all this garbage. And we are involved in dereliction of duty if we don’t do something about it. Now they’re saying Trump took a gamble by firing Comey. The Democrats wanted him fired three months ago, now they wake up on the other side of the bed and suddenly they love Comey. Trump has to drop the hammer on them. His attorney general has to start the moves for the indictments right now. So, that’s what needs to happen right now. And then Trump will be the superstar president we need, he restores the republic, which he is already doing economically and militarily. Obviously he’s an American president. We haven’t had that in awhile. Say what you want about him, but that’s why the elites are pissed because we actually got somebody in there that really does care about the interests of this country. All the special interests that have been raping us forever are now freaking out and realizing there’s a new sheriff in town.


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