Alex Jones says his “greatest achievement” was briefing Trump about the “globalists” before he got elected

Jones: “Nobody talks to the president who isn't in the White House more than Sean Hannity”

From the June 22 edition of Genesis Communications Network’s The Alex Jones Show:

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ALEX JONES (HOST): They have The Washington Post go, "[Sean] Hannity, you're going to get fired if you keep quoting Alex Jones." He's not quoting me. Nobody talks to the president who isn’t in the White House more than Sean Hannity, let me just give you that news flash. You might as well be hearing Trump talk. So get that -- Trump knows all of it. And guess who briefed him before he got elected, and before he got in the White House, and guess who told him word for word what they would do? Word for word? I did. And I told him, “You go talk to top generals. You go talk to experts of overthrowing countries, and you get ready, sir, because this is how they’re going to do it.” My greatest achievement, that’s right. And that’s why the globalists -- they listen to my phones, they know -- they hate me. They hate me. Because I’m a wartime analyst for the republic and we’re winning.


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