Alex Jones says he is a “maniac” before saying he talks to Trump and writes him memos

Jones on the prospect of a “physical coup” against Trump: “Fill your hand, turd blossoms. We’re going to ram heads with you. We’re crazier than you”

From the August 8 edition of Genesis Communications Network’s The Alex Jones Show:

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ALEX JONES (HOST): They took a piece and edited it down and attacked me and tried to turn it into something to hurt me and it gave us all these new fans with leftists and others who are now following us, listening, and are being deprogrammed. Because being lectured all day by Brian Stelter is so boring. Tune into this, man. I’m a real maniac. This is real. And yeah, I talk to the president, and yeah, I write him memos, and yeah, we’re taking the world back, and yeah, we’re kicking Al Gore’s big ugly ass around the block.

We hate scammers. And you want a fight, you got one. You’re getting ready for some physical coup, fill your hand, turd blossoms. We’re going to ram heads with you. We’re crazier than you. God, it’s like [Mad Max 2] Road Warrior. I’m like the guy chained up on the front of the truck and they got to cut the chains when it’s time to go crazy. We’re living for this, scum. We’re going to burn you politically to the ground, comprende? And if I get burned up in the midst of it, my fat will just be accelerant in the fight. But I don’t have a death wish. You love death, that’s why I’m throwing myself against you.


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