Alex Jones fantasizes about liberals starting a violent anti-Trump uprising and then getting killed by the military

Jones: “I think the military and everybody just -- like Santa Claus -- needs to start making their list”

From the March 22 edition of Genesis Communications Network’s The Alex Jones Show:

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ALEX JONES (HOST): When I sit here and I talk about preparing for war and violence -- I’ve done everything I’ve done with information. Under the First Amendment it’s numero uno of you got it. I just have seen what they do behind the scenes upfront. They’re spoiling for a fight. There’s communists on the streets everywhere intimidating people, pointing guns. You guys stood up to antifa and you got banned off YouTube. They really think they’re going to make their move. And look, we’ve all had somebody start a fight with us. You can tell they don’t know what they’re doing. They punch you, knock them in the head, they can’t believe they hit the ground. But this is guns, this is government, this is weapons. We don’t want them throwing that punch. And I just can’t believe the SWAT teams, the Justice Department, Trump with people like [CNN contributor] Phil Mudd and others saying, “We’re going to kill the president.” Well Phil Mudd ought to get SWAT-teamed, you know. He ought to get his ass drug in front of a judge. I mean, they’re trying to really start a damn war here. I don’t want violence; I want it to stop. But I know this, if it kicks off, we’re not just going to sit here in our houses while they have their special little liberal police units come for us. And that’s all I’m trying to say is we need -- I don’t know what we need to do, Kit, what do you think? Because it’s everywhere.


JONES: I think our restraint is why they are ratcheting up. But I get our restraint is good because whoever shoots first loses generally. They’re going to stage stuff and blame it on us anyways. I know Trump’s smart. They know what they’re doing. He’s rolling out hard now right now. And we just all need to be very vigilant, very active, and very aggressive to let them know politically we’re not putting up with this. But George Soros and all these globalists that have pushed this crap, anybody that’s called for violence. If violence starts on their side, they’re all guilty and I think they’ve all signed their death warrant. And I’m just leave it at that. You call for killing the president or killing veterans or killing police or killing patriots or killing constitutionalists and then the killing starts, any of you that called for it, you gave the order, you’re an officer, an enemy combatant, and that’s all I’m saying. And I think the military and everybody just -- like Santa Claus -- needs to start making their list. And I don’t say that to bravado. I mean, it’s time, Kit.


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