Alex Jones Discusses His Personal Phone Calls With Donald Trump, Plans To Give Him Advice On Snowden Issue

From the September 21 edition of Genesis Communications Network’s The Alex Jones Show:

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ALEX JONES (HOST): He’s called a leader. And quite frankly next time I talk to him either on air or off, I’ll just say, Snowden really is a hero sir and I think that’s one area I disagree with you on. But, you talk to Donald Trump on the phone you just have a tendency not to disagree with him. Which is a problem.

I did challenge him the one time he came on, and by the way we can get Donald Trump back on, I’ve left it alone, because the thoughts are: Is it good to come on, or is it bad? And I can’t say for a hundred percent sure that they couldn’t twist it to hurt Trump and I don’t want to be the guy who people point at and say: You had him on and they tied him to this and that and now Trump’s lost.

And so I’m kind of like: Maybe you shouldn’t come on right now. Because it isn’t that big a deal to get Trump on the air. That doesn’t even really boost our ratings much. What does is breaking news, breaking major analysis, having a huge effect in the world. Being able to talk to Trump and bounce ideas around and see him understand it and actually research it and then do something about it. That’s what’s exciting.

In fact I would much rather have a 20-minute phone conversation with Donald Trump than even have him on air. Because it’s that private type of conversation – I missed a phone call from him just a few weeks ago. I get so upset when I do. And it’s just like because I want to have a real talk with Donald Trump, that’s what’s important because he’s real, folks.


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