Alex Jones defends Trump’s racist “shithole” comment by saying Haitians pledged themselves to Satan

Jones says that Haiti is the “toilet of the Caribbean”

From the January 12 edition of Genesis Communications Network’s The Alex Jones Show:

ALEX JONES (HOST): How do you fix things? You call it a hellhole. A craphole. Haiti is a literal craphole. Haiti doesn't have indoor plumbing in 95 percent of it and tens of thousands die every year of cholera and other waterborne diseases. There are open sewers of feces everywhere. You look at a satellite photo of the island of Hispaniola. The east of it is the Dominican Republic; very nice, green, beautiful. The other side -- pull up satellite photos of Haiti -- almost total deforestation, total collapse, never got free market going, a hellhole. A hellhole where the legend has it that the Haitians pledged themselves to Satan and sacrificed a hog, and they say this in their own history, to free them from French rule. And they never got out from under colonialism of one type or another, and the Clintons preying on them, and all the rest of it. And it is the toilet of the Caribbean. Haiti is the worst place.

That’s what you call them is -- people say why would you want to go to Calcutta, India, it’s a -- I mean I have Indian friends that say, “Oh, If you want to go to India, go here to the north, or these mountains, or this area’s nice. Do not go here it is a --” Because Indians, the Indians I’ve known, none of them are politically correct. Most people that run up, “Oh, I love Trump, I love you, Alex,” are Indian-Americans. But the point is they go, “Oh, Alex, don’t ever go to India and go to these places, because there’s dead people on the side of the street, there’s crap everywhere, these are S-H-dash-T-holes.” Because they are.


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