After Trump Names Him As A Source, Fox Anchor Says There Is “No Evidence ... So Far” Backing Up Trump's Lie

From the March 16 edition of Fox News' The O'Reilly Factor:

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BILL O'REILLY (HOST): Joining us now from Washington is Bret Baier. Getting a lot of airtime Baier. You are getting to be real famous, Spicer and he promoted you. Chief anchor Fox News. My heavens. Now, to me, all that matters in this insanity -- and that is what it is, insanity – that the president started when he tweeted out that he believed that president Obama tapped him in the Trump Tower. All that matters is whether a FISA warrant was requested by the Obama administration. Is it possible to say, yes or no to that question?

BRET BAIER: To your answer, both the Senate intelligence committee and the House intelligence committee, chairman and ranking members, have said they have seen no evidence of a FISA request for surveillance of Trump Tower. Let me just explain that whole thing and the question, while I have the time here. What happened was, it was a pretaped interview with Speaker Ryan. I was going through a series of things that I wanted to ask him. I came across a RealClearPolitics write-up of the public reporting that had been compiled the night before by Mark Levin. It was listing all of the things that had been publicly reported by different news organizations. He compiled it in a talk show and he’s talked about that, RealClearPolitics summarized it. I asked Ryan about these reports, saying, “had he heard anything about it.” To be honest with you, Bill, I expected the Speaker to say “no” and we would probably cut that part out of it. But because of his answer and the way he kind of cryptically answered it, I asked again, you heard me, and asked again. And it seemed like he was somehow tangentially confirming it. We went back to Paul Ryan and he said no. That is not true. I haven't seen any evidence. 


The tweet that “President Obama wiretapped Trump Tower,” there is no evidence to suggest -- so far-- to back that up. 


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