After ignoring report of sexual assault by Trump, Chuck Todd asks why the media is ignoring it

After the latest allegation of sexual assault against President Donald Trump became public, the story has been largely ignored by the media. 

On June 21, journalist and advice columnist E. Jean Carroll wrote in New York magazine’s The Cut that 23 years ago, Trump assaulted her in a department store dressing room. According to Carroll, Trump “lunge[d] at me, pushe[d] me against the wall, hitting my head quite badly, and [put] his mouth against my lips.” She wrote that he then pulled down her tights and assaulted her. Carroll told two close friends at the time, both of whom “still remember the incident clearly and confirmed their accounts to New York.”

During the June 25 episode of MSNBC’s MTP Daily, host Chuck Todd said that it was “amazing” how “it feels as if it’s getting treated with a shrugged shoulder, just collectively, the coverage -- the totality of coverage.” Todd himself failed to mention the allegation during the June 23 edition of NBC’s Meet the Press -- which featured a pre-recorded interview with Trump -- and Steve Kornacki guest hosted MTP Daily on Monday, June 24, making this reference the first mention of the allegation by Todd.