ABC's Matthew Dowd: Trump's Campaign Creates “An Environment” For Violence At Rallies

Dowd: “There Is Some Accountability That He And His Campaign Have”

From the March 11 edition of ABC's Good Morning America: 

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TOM LLAMAS: The Trump campaign saying they discourage this kind of behavior and ensure the safety of any and all attendees but the attack follows weeks of Trump suggesting to his supporters they get violent. 


GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS (HOST): You saw in the debate last night that Donald Trump's opponents did not lay this at his feet. But is this any kind of a danger, these incidents of violence to Donald Trump's campaign? 

MATTHEW DOWD: Well, it seems like its a danger to a lot of people at the rallies. I don't think it's actually going to be a political danger right now in the course of this. I think Donald Trump said last night, listen, I discourage this, I don't want this. But I think there is some accountability that he and his campaign have for creating a culture or an environment around that these things happen. I think going forward they have to do everything possible to stop this kind of thing from happening. Sometimes it does, George, as you know, these things happen, but politically it's not going to hurt Donald Trump right now going into Tuesday.  


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