ABC's Martha Raddatz: Trump's Claim Of A Rigged Election Is “A Fundamental Challenge To A Pillar Of Democracy”

From the October 16 edition of ABC's This Week:

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MARTHA RADDATZ (HOST): Twenty-three days from the election, it has come to this. The Republican nominee for president of the United States flatout saying at rally after rally and with increasing force that the election cannot be trusted, that Hillary Clinton belongs in jail. It's a fundamental challenge to a pillar of democracy, free and fair elections, shaking confidence in something we all take for granted, the peaceful transition of power. It's not a new thing for [Donald] Trump, but over the last 72 hours, Trump has dialed it all the way up, his anger rising with the volume of accusations from women who say he groped their bodies, kissed their mouths, against their will. Before hyped up crowds, Trump now casting himself as a victim of corrupt politicians, global financial interests, and the press all conspiing to tear him down and rig the election. 


RADDATZ: Trump's intensity and the concern that many of his supporters will reject the election results should he lose, enough to push the nation's top elected Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan, to put out this extraordinary statement: “Our democracy relies on confidence in election results, and the speaker is fully confident the states will carry out this election with integrity.”


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