ABC's David Muir Highlights The“ War Brewing Within The Republican Party” Between Trump And Paul Ryan

Jonathan Karl: “Make No Mistake … This Is War”

From the August 2 edition of ABC’s ABC World News Tonight

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DAVID MUIR (HOST): As I mentioned there at the top, there could very well be a war brewing within the Republican Party at this hour. Donald Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan, and tonight, just a short time ago, Donald Trump saying he is not ready to support Paul Ryan, whose own primary back home is now just one week from tonight. So, let's get right to Jon Karl, tracking it all tonight. Not ready to support Paul Ryan, just days to go. 

JONATHAN KARL: Make no mistake David, in politics, this is war. We remember how Ryan and Trump met earlier this year, to mend fences and how Ryan, under pressure, endorsed Trump, an endorsement he has had to defend over and over again. And this is how Trump repays him. 


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