For ABC World News Tonight, Trump Not Calling Ted Cruz A Liar Is “Presidential Style”

This Is How Low The Bar Is For Donald Trump

From the April 20 edition of ABC World News Tonight with David Muir:

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TOM LLAMAS (HOST): Next tonight, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, closer to a face-off in November, following those big wins in New York. Trump at his victory party with a more serious tone, trying out a more presidential style. Ted Cruz shut-out in the Empire State, but fighting on. Tonight, the math, and the momentum are Trump's, and ABC's David Wright is covering the Trump campaign in Indiana, one of the next battleground states. 


DAVID WRIGHT: Basking in his biggest win yet, today Donald Trump rallied Indiana voters with all his greatest hits. 

TRUMP: Lyin' Ted Cruz, Lyin' Ted. I call her Crooked Hillary. I can tell you, this is a crooked system. I love running against Crooked Hillary. Hillary, you're fired! 

WRIGHT: But last night in New York, a glimpse of something different. 

TRUMP: Senator Cruz is just about mathematically eliminated. 

WRIGHT: Did you hear that? He actually called him Senator Cruz! The consummate deal-maker changing his sales pitch to close the deal. The tone, more presidential. Trying to make the case that a Trump nomination is now inevitable. Today, Trump tweeted, “Ted Cruz is mathematically out of winning the race. Now all he can do is be a spoiler. Never a nice thing to do.” But Cruz is pressing on to the convention. 

CRUZ: We are definitely headed to Cleveland. 

WRIGHT: And his tone certainly hasn't changed. 

CRUZ: Upon winning his home state, Donald, with a characteristic display of humility, declared this race is over. Manhattan has spoken. 

WRIGHT: And tonight, Ted Cruz is demanding more debates with Donald Trump.


WRIGHT: Trump tells The New York Times his campaign is evolving. His team is now predicting they'll win the first vote at the convention with 1,400 delegates, more than he needs. But in order to do that, Trump needs to find a way to win over wary voters and delegates. Tom? 

LLAMAS: It is a bold prediction. All right, David, thank you.


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