ABC News Cites Trump Ally Roger Stone’s Convention Plan In Report On Death Threats To GOP Delegates

Stone Has Been Urging Trump Supporters “To Vent Their Anger At The Republican Convention”

From the April 13 edition of ABC's ABC World News Tonight with David Muir:

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DAVID MUIR (HOST): Tonight, new allegations that delegates for the convention are now getting death threats from Trump supporters. Those delegates, of course, could make or break Trump in the end, and ABC's Tom Llamas from Pittsburgh. 

TOM LLAMAS: Tonight, the race for the Republican nomination taking a dark turn. Allegations of death threats against delegates and their families by Trump supporters. 


LLAMAS: Trump now insisting the Republican national committee wants him to lose. 


LLAMAS: He points to Colorado. Out-organized by Senator Ted Cruz, Trump failed to win any delegates there. Tonight, the chairman of the Colorado Republican party tells ABC News he's been flooded with 3,000 angry phone calls, including, he says, death threats. 

STEVE HOUSE: And he said, I need you to do me a favor. Get your gun, put it in your mouth, pull the trigger, I'll call you back in two minutes. If you can't do that, I'm going to send somebody over to the house and help you. 

LLAMAS: It's not just Colorado. A number of Indiana delegates tell us they, too, are getting threats from Trump supporters. 

TOM JOHN: Very spooky, very personal, referencing things about my family. 

LLAMAS: One e-mail saying, quote, “Think before you take a step down the wrong path,” warning of, quote, “A future in hiding.” Trump's longtime ally and confidante, strategist Roger Stone, has urged supporters to vent their anger at the Republican convention in Cleveland. 

ROGER STONE: We will disclose the hotels and the room numbers of those delegates who are directly involved in the steal. We urge you to visit their hotel and find them. 

LLAMAS: But behind Trump's anger, the hard truth that he could get more votes and still lose the nomination at a contested convention. 


MUIR: Any response from the Trump campaign tonight, on those allegations of death threats against delegates? 

TOM LLAMAS: David, we don't know if the trump campaign condones this, we don't know if the Trump campaign condemns this, because tonight, they are not commenting. David?


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