UltraViolet Dispels Common Myths About Abortion

UltraViolet dispelled a series of common myths about abortion, explaining how despite claims that the procedure is uncommon and “cheap and easy to get,” one in three women will have an abortion in their lifetime -- even as restrictive legislation fueled by media myths is making the procedure more costly and logistically difficult to access.

Conservative media have actively waged a misinformation campaign surrounding abortion, championing restrictive legislation that rolls back access to the procedure and ignoring medical experts who agree that such anti-choice measures are often based on medically inaccurate or outright false information.

In a September 10 video, UltraViolet broke down some of the most common myths about abortion and the people who get them. The video explains that although “people think abortions aren't common” the truth is “one in three women will have one by the age of 45” and that although many say “abortions are cheap and easy to get,” they can actually cost “an entire month's pay”: