Media Matters' Kristian Ramos: “There's A Great Story” For Media To Tell About Latinos And The Economy

From the September 12 edition of WJLA's Hispanic Agenda:

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KRISTIAN RAMOS: So this is basically an opportunity to say to the media, look, this is, these are some other things that we can talk about in regards to the 2016... 

ALEJANDRO NEGRON: Yeah, it's not only about immigration, immigration is definitely an issue that is very important and close to our heart, but there are other issues, economic issues being number one. 

KRISTIAN RAMOS: Well, there's a big story to tell in the economy, about the success and everything that has occurred over the last six years, and look, honestly... 

ALEJANDRO NEGRON: Entrepreneurship, also. 

KRISTIAN RAMOS: Right. And there's more to do, obviously, but there's a great story to tell about the Latino power in the economic arena. 


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