Media Matters' Kristian Ramos Explains That Improving Latino Representation Could Help Improve Media Accuracy

From the May 1 edition of Hearst's Matter of Fact with Fernando Espuelas

FERNANDO ESPUELAS (HOST): Let me ask you. Some of the big news networks, cable news networks, have these huge panels of commentators and political analysts and so forth. There are really, very few Latinos on those panels. How could that happen when there's 55 million Latinos in the country? there must be more than one who is qualified to appear in one of those panels.

KRISTIAN RAMOS: It's not just Latinos that this is an issue for. I think one of the things that's been really fascinating about this election cycle is you could be talking about Muslims, women, and reproductive rights, and things like that, and Latinos, you know, we'll include them in that group as well, they're not just represented in those panels. It's much easier to say nasty things about somebody who's not there. And, you know, I would hope, that if there is more representation on that side, folks would say,  “Hey, that's not true.”


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