Liberty Counsel's podcast compares same-sex marriage to pedophilia and adultery

Liberty Counsel founder Mat Staver: “Some things are just simply wrong”

From the November 9 edition of Liberty Counsel's Faith and Freedom Podcast:

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MAT STAVER (HOST, LIBERTY COUNSEL FOUNDER): In a number of Protestant groups where you have people running around the country or in their churches supporting same-sex marriage. You cannot support same-sex marriage. You can support people.


STAVER: And love individuals. We all have different flaws and different struggles that we deal with, but that doesn’t mean that you support certain activity that is contrary to scripture any more than you would support someone -- you would love somebody who’s engaged in an adulterous affair. But you don't support that.

MEADE: Or pedophilia. Yeah, you don’t support that.

STAVER: Love ultimately is to the individual person, but you don't support certain activities and behaviors. Some things are just simply wrong, and the issue of same-sex activity is directly contrary to the scripture at the very core, because human relationships of man and woman created by God has that unitive component -- the two become one, the procreative component where two individuals are blessed with the ability to create another person in the image of God -- and a spiritual component that was addressed in Ephesians, chapter 5. So when you try to deconstruct gender and essentially say gender doesn't matter or it’s just a construct of your mind as opposed to how you are created, it is a direct attack at the very fundamental principles of Christianity and God and the existence of God and our creator. So this is not some tangential issue for Christians or for believers in the scriptures of believers in God. This is a core issue.


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