John & Ken Show: Native Americans Should Have Been “Better Warriors”

During a visit on October 27 to the location of the Occupy Los Angeles protest, John & Ken Show hosts John Kobylt and Ken Chiampou debated a protester named “Richard.” During their conversation, the hosts said that Native Americans should “probably [have been] better warriors.”

Listen (the “better warriors” comment occurs around the 3:33 mark):

RICHARD: We were not invited here by the Native Americans. We were not invited here by the American Indians.

KOBYLT: But they didn't own it, they didn't have formalized ownership.


KOBYLT: It was free land. Anybody who came got it.

RICHARD: Because they weren't good business men, right? When we offered -- in 1854 we offered $150,000 to buy 2.2 million --

KOBYLT: I don't think we're going to undo that deal. I'm just talking about the now. I'm talking about the now in that --

RICHARD: You think the Native Americans should have been better business men. Clever, right?

JOHN: Probably better warriors.

CHAIMPOU: We've gotta take a break. Good talking with you.

Inflammatory rhetoric is nothing new on The John & Ken Show. On September 1, the hosts aired the personal cell phone number of Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles (CHIRLA) activist Jorge-Mario Cabrera, who received hundreds of threatening calls as a result. The hosts denied responsibility, stating repeatedly that Cabrera's phone number was part of a press release, and therefore public information.

Clear Channel, KFI's parent company, later wrote a letter to National Hispanic Media Coalition (NHMC) president Alex Nogales defending the hosts' actions.

After a recent campaign by NHMC to educate advertisers about their anti-immigrant vitriol, Kobylt and Chiampou have been dropped by prominent advertisers such as AT&T, Verizon, and General Motors. Los Angeles-area grocery store chains Vons and Ralph's have also agreed not to advertise with The John and Ken Show in the future.

Despite these advertiser retreats, Kobylt and Chiampou vowed that “nothing on the show is changing. We're going to talk about illegal aliens all we want,” promising more of the reckless rhetoric that has led to numerous advertiser retreats.

The John & Ken Show airs weekdays from 3 to 7 p.m. PT on KFI, a Clear Channel network, and reportedly has an audience of 1.2 million listeners.