Georgia Gang Pundit Dismisses Senate Candidate As A “Female Airhead”

Georgia pundit and anti-immigration activist Phil Kent recently attacked Democratic Senate candidate Michelle Nunn as a “female airhead,” refusing to apologize after a co-panelist called on him to do so for the “offensive” remark.

Kent is the executive director of the virulently anti-immigrant hate group, Americans for Immigration Control (AIC), and previously worked for the Augusta Chronicle and as press secretary for former Sen. Strom Thurmond (R-SC). He's a sitting panelist on The Georgia Gang, a Sunday political talk show in Atlanta.

As first highlighted by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Kent lobbed sexist attacks at the state's female Democratic Senate candidate on the October 5 edition of The Georgia Gang, calling Nunn a “female airhead” and “absolutely unqualified on foreign policy.” Even after a co-panelist said Kent should apologize for his comments, Kent refused:

Kent's name-calling should come as no surprise. The day before, Kent previewed his “airhead” comments on Twitter. During the same program, Kent called another female politician, libertarian Senate candidate Amanda Swafford, a “wacko bird.”

Kent has a long history of making disparaging comments towards women and immigrants. In 2003, he called then-chair of the National Council of Women's Organizations, Martha Burk, a "feminist harpy" for attempting to get Augusta National Golf Course to accept women members. He's penned columns attacking immigrants and multiculturalism in the United States -- in one, even calling Somali refugees “primitive peoples.” His rhetoric has been so toxic that following his appointment to the Georgia Immigration Enforcement Review Board, the Anti-Defamation League called on Gov. Nathan Deal (R) to drop Kent from the board due to his history of “deeply disturbing” comments.