D'Souza bolsters his Obama “anti-colonial” theory by just making stuff up

Yesterday I brought you Dinesh D'Souza's charmingly nonsensical theory that “anti-colonial” Barack Obama expresses his anti-French attitude by courting the adulation of the French people. This “anti-colonial” garbage forms the -- ahem -- “intellectual” backbone for D'Souza's ridiculous new book, The Roots of Obama's Rage. Today, we'll explore how D'Souza, in supporting his “anti-colonial” theory, employs the time-honored scholarly techniques of making stuff up and brazenly lying.

On page 47 of The Roots of Obama's Rage, D'Souza takes on Obama's response to the Gulf oil spill, which he calls “lethargic.” According to D'Souza [emphasis added]:

Finally, addressing the TV cameras on May 14, 2010, Obama managed to work up some enthusiasm. Time and again he condemned “British Petroleum” -- an interesting term since the company long ago changed its name to BP. Given our anti-colonial theory, it's no surprise that Obama wanted to remind Americans of what BP used to stand for. He was equally outspoken in whacking the other oil companies for their “ridiculous spectacle” of “pointing fingers of blame.”

Here's the transcript of Obama's May 14 remarks. Guess how many times Obama says “British Petroleum.”

Zero. Not once.

But don't take my word for it. Here's the video of Obama's remarks -- not one utterance of “British Petroleum.”

D'Souza completely fabricated it. But even if it were true and Obama said “British Petroluem” over and over -- so what? They're a British company. If Obama had set fire to a Union Jack each time he said it, then D'Souza might have been on to something, but as it is he doesn't really have a point, regardless of how you look at it.

And that doesn't even matter because Obama didn't say “British Petroleum.”

UPDATE: It's not President Obama, but I did manage to turn up a dastardly “anti-colonial” who actually did attack “British Petroleum” on May 14 and castigated the oil companies for “playing the blame game” and “pointing fingers at one another”: