Dinesh D'Souza Compares Ferguson Protesters To Islamic State

D'Souza: “The Common Thread” Between Ferguson And The Islamic State Is “Perceived Injustice”

Conservative author Dinesh D'Souza compared unrest during the Ferguson protests to the beheadings carried out by the terrorist group that calls itself the Islamic State.

Speaking on the August 21 edition Newsmax's The Steve Malzberg Show, D'Souza opined on the heated protests that have taken place in Ferguson, Missouri following the fatal shooting of unarmed black teenager Michael Brown by a police officer. D'Souza likened the actions in Ferguson to the Islamic State terrorists who beheaded innocents. From BuzzFeed (emphasis added):

MALZBERG: I just want to concentrate on Holder for one more second and his going down there and his saying what he said, do you believe that that prejudices a grand jury -- could prejudice a jury? And could it result in the prevention of a fair trial for the officer?

D'SOUZA: I think this is a really -- this is a serious issue, because here you have guys like, you have Obama, you have Holder, and you have Al Sharpton. Now, can a cop acting under the exigencies of his job expect justice if those three guys were deciding the outcome? I mean, it seems really clear that they are fostering an atmosphere in Ferguson that basically goes, “Let's declare that this guy is probably guilty and let's see what we can do to put him up against the wall.” The idea that he would get impartial justice is becoming highly questionable, so this has become a real problem.

Now, historically, blacks have faced this problem and it looks like what we're seeing is a kind of complete flip, so that we're going from one set of injustices to another. And that's, you know, what the common thread between ISIS and what's going on in Ferguson is you have these people who basically believe that to correct a perceived injustice, it's perfectly OK to inflict all kinds of new injustices. Behead guys who have nothing to do with it. Go and loot shops from business owners who are not part of the original problem whatsoever. And all of this is then licensed by the left and licensed to some degree by the media.

D'Souza has a history of reckless rhetoric on race. In his movie 2016: Obama's America, D'Souza repeatedly attacked President Obama, claiming that the president is “weirdly sympathetic to Muslim jihadists” and is dead set on reducing America's stature in the world. In 2014, the conservative author also released a book-movie combination titled America: Imagine A World Without Her, in which he dismissed the difficult history of Native Americans in the United States and argued the debt to slaves' descendants should be repaid in memory, since “the slaves are dead and their descendants -- this will be a hard pill for progressives to swallow -- are better off as a consequence of their ancestors being hauled from Africa to America.” D'Souza also wrote a book in 2010 titled The Roots of Obama's Rage, in which he peddled highbrow birtherism to paint Obama as motivated by an “anti-colonial” ideology inherited from his Kenyan father.