Non-credible Morris and Napolitano respond to alleged Sestak job offer by calling for politicization of the legal system

Apparently, ludicrously invoking impeachment wasn't enough for Dick Morris. He and his Fox compatriot Andrew Napolitano have thought things over, and decided that what the brouhaha over the Obama administration's alleged job offer to Rep. Joe Sestak (D-PA) really needs is more politicization. Tonight, they're calling on Pennsylvania Attorney General Tom Corbett to “convene a grand jury to get to the bottom of the scandal.”

Corbett, by the way, is the Republican Party nominee for Governor of Pennsylvania. So basically, Morris and Napolitano want him to investigate the opponent of someone who's on the GOP ticket with him. But don't worry, it's just to get around the “Democratic stonewall.” What could go wrong?

Meanwhile, back in the real world, the idea that a crime was committed by Sestak or the administration remains non-credible. Today, the Huffington Post reported that “seasoned political observers, historians, and lawyers are responding” to such allegations “with veritable yawns,” specifically quoting historians stating that if an offer took place, it would be “completely unexceptional” and “old news historically.” And Mother Jones reported that ethics lawyer Stan Brand called the allegations “a nice political ploy” with “no legal substance. The president can promise Sestak the moon for a political reason. That's the system.”

Add those to the long, long list of legal experts who have said this is much ado about nothing, Fox's caterwauling to the contrary.

Morris and Napolitano themselves, of course, are completely lacking in credibility. Morris - when he's not shilling for Newsmax's financial-services products - regularly uses his Fox News platform to promote Republican candidates and causes, including ones he is affiliated with. And Napolitano is fond of using his show to bolster radical conspiracies and 9-11 Truthers.