Newsmax paid Dick Morris to tell viewers Republicans would win midterms in a “wipeout” and Democrats would become “extinct”

Dick Morris Red Wave image
From the October 22 edition of Newsmax TV's Dick Morris Democracy

In 2013, Fox News dropped Dick Morris after he confidently predicted that Mitt Romney would win in a “landslide,” among other comical prognostications. Newsmax has so little respect for its viewers that it’s now airing Morris’ hopium, including his wildly inaccurate predictions that Republicans would win the midterms in a “wipeout” and cause “the extinction” of the Democratic Party. 

Morris is the host of the weekend Newsmax program Dick Morris Democracy and the network’s supposed elections expert. The right-wing network hired him despite his reputation as an unethical commentator who is widely known for being so bad at his job that not even Fox News wanted his pro-Republican commentaries. (Newsmax’s business model is partly predicated on hiring other disgraced or washed-up former Fox News commentators, including Eric Bolling, James Rosen, and Greg Kelly.) 

During the 2012 election cycle, Morris predicted Romney would win in a “landslide”; wrote that “it’s very possible” that President Barack Obama would drop out of the race; and told viewers Republicans would “win 10 seats” in the Senate (Democrats actually gained two seats).

While his venue has changed, Morris’ wildly inaccurate prognostication has remained the same. Now that the 2022 election is officially over with Sen. Raphael Warnock’s (D-GA) victory — Morris called GOP nominee Herschel Walker “an excellent candidate,” something Walker’s own staff didn’t believe — here are some examples of Morris’ midterm forecasts for Newsmax in the lead-up to the November election: 

Morris on October 17 said Walker “evolved into an excellent candidate.”

Morris on October 22 spoke about expected Republican gains with the chyron “The Red Wave Is Coming.” 

Morris on October 28: “I'm predicting something more than a tsunami, more than a tidal wave, more than an earthquake. … Do you remember, in the history books, how the theory is that a meteorite hit the Earth right around where the Caribbean Sea is and that the resulting dust killed all the dinosaurs and made them extinct? Well, that's the magnitude of what I think is going to happen.”

Morris added: “I think they may go up to 270. … I think they may pick up 60 seats. That's why I likened it to that prehistoric event because what I think you're really dealing with, to a certain extent, is the extinction of an entire generation of Democratic wannabees, Democratic candidates, where they're basically going to lose their whole freshman and sophomore class.” 

Morris on November 1: “We have most likely Arizona, and Georgia, and Nevada as victories, and possibly New Hampshire, and possibly some others. So I see a minimum at this point of 53 Republican senators.”

Morris on November 2: “I think there's going to be a wipeout, I think Republicans will win something in the neighborhood of 60 seats in the House, I think that they will win the Senate.”

Morris on November 3: “I think the Democrats will lose all 60. … I think the [Republicans] are going to win a solid 60 seats in the House.” 

Morris on November 7: “I do feel that in Pennsylvania, [GOP Senate nominee Mehmet] Oz is going to win. … I believe that the Republicans are going to end tomorrow night with somewhere between 52-55 seats in the Senate.”