Good News For Democrats: Dick Morris Predicts GOP Win In 2012

Dick MorrisDick Morris, the author of 2006's Condi vs. Hillary: The Next Great Presidential Race, has a new column on the 2012 presidential election:

The false dawn of January has faded and the hard, cold reality of a likely second recession is setting in. But this recession is accompanied by the likelihood of inflation, a stagflation syndrome that will probably grip America for years. And which will likely take a manmade recession, on the order of 1979-82, to counter it.

Will Obama get reelected? No way! In the teeth of the economic catastrophe that is shaping up, his chances are doomed.

Dick Morris is very, very, very bad at predicting things. For instance:

Latest Morris prediction: GOP could pick up 13 Senate seats, including in CT

The GOP won 6 seats, and lost Connecticut by 12%.

Infamous prognosticator Dick Morris predicts GOP wins both houses, convenes an “impeachment panel” over purported bribery

Another Morris prediction: “I believe the Republicans will win the House and the Senate” in 2010

The GOP won control of the House, but the Democrats still control the senate. So far there has been no “impeachment panel” convened.

Morris' crystal ball: “Socialist” Obama “going to be at 30 percent [approval] in a year”

Morris made his prediction March 16, 2009. One year later in 2010, a look at Obama's approval rating in several polls:

Bloomberg (3/19-22) 50%
CNN (3/19-21) 46%
CBS News (3/18-21) 49%
Quinnipiac (3/16-21) 46%
Gallup (3/17-20) 50%
ARG (3/17-20) 47%
Rasmussen (3/17-19) 43%
Democracy Corps (D)/Third Way (D) (3/15-18) 46%
FOX (3/16-17) 46%
Rasmussen (3/14-16) 44%

Morris' laughable track record of failed predictions makes it very clear: If you're a Democratic president reading a Dick Morris column forecasting doom for you, you're probably in a good mood today.