Dick Morris' New Book Is Called Here Come The Black Helicopters!

Fox News contributor Dick Morris told attendees at a Republican congressional candidate event on Tuesday that he will release a new book titled Here Come the Black Helicopters! later this year. Morris' book will purportedly expose President Obama's plans to impose global government through the United Nations.

“Black helicopters is the crazy word for the UN invading the United States,” Morris told the crowd. “But it's really going to happen.”

For support, Morris rehashed silly claims about the Law of the Sea and the UN Arms Trade treaties. Morris claimed that Obama wants “to cede to the United Nations control of the seas” (false) and have “gun control imposed by the United Nations” (the treaty wouldn't curb gun rights).

Morris also claimed that Obama has “secret plans particularly to force UN regulation of the Internet,” pointing to an upcoming December conference in Dubai “led by Russia, China, Brazil, and India [that] will give the United Nations power over the Internet.” However, the White House has repeatedly said it “opposes the extension of intergovernmental controls over the Internet” and has “vowed to block any proposals from Russia and other countries that they believe threaten the Internet's current governing structure or give tacit approval to online censorship.” 

Morris is no stranger to baseless fearmongering about global conspiracies involving Democrats. During Obama's first few months in office, Morris warned of a “super-national authority” that would take over U.S. financial institutions and of Obama's “internationalist” views, claiming that “those crazies in Montana who say, 'We're going to kill ATF agents because the U.N.'s going to take over' -- well, they're beginning to have a case.” Since then, Morris has claimed that Obama is pushing for “one world government” and “all of these fears of globalists and the black helicopters ... are about to have some basis in reality.”

HarperCollins, a subsidiary of Fox News parent News Corp., is set to release the book in October. The company's description of the book says that it will “expose the most potent threat to date to our cherished way of life: the brazen and treacherous Liberal plan to circumvent our democratic processes by putting ultimate governing power in the hands of unaccountable international organizations.”

Morris made his remarks, which were posted on YouTube, at an August 7 fundraiser for congressional candidate Mark Greenberg, who is competing for the Republican nomination for Connecticut's 5th District. The Greenberg campaign reportedly paid Morris for his appearance.

Morris' “Black helicopters” remarks:

MORRIS: I have a chapter too there [in Morris' book Screwed] called Tricks and Treaties, and it's about Obama's strategy that was emerging when I wrote that book in February to bind us to a series of treaties that would postdate his presidency and would have the force of constitutional law in the United States. Now after I finished Screwed, a whole lot more came into view, a lot of his secret plans particularly to force UN regulation of the Internet,  led by Russia and China, and gun control imposed by the United Nations, and a treaty to prevent -- make it a crime for an American president to go to war without Security Council approval, to say Russia and China, and to cede to the United Nations control of the seas and give it the power to tax our offshore oil rigs, and get us into the Kyoto accords by a backdoor way of a treaty that prohibits ocean pollution and would give the sea authority the ability to force carbon emission restrictions on the U.S.

So those were all huge, many of them I alluded to in the book, but they really developed afterwards. So my wife and I have a new book coming out, after Dubs gets finished, on October 8, and the title of it I think you'll appreciate. It's Here Come The Black Helicopters.

Black helicopters is the crazy word for the UN invading the United States. But it's really going to happen. There is literally a meeting going to be held in Dubai in December of 2012 at which a conference led by Russia, China, Brazil, and India will give the United Nations power over the Internet. The ability to sign e-names, the ability to give the countries the IP addresses, meaning the location of every Internet user in the country so they can crackdown, the ability to censor their websites, and the ability to charge a special tariff for  out of nation websites, which is a financial disincentive for people to see them. And that's going to be signed, it's being negotiated in secret right now. The only way we know about it is that on June 12, the guy who invented the Internet, his name isn't Al Gore, it's Vinton Cerf. Verton Cerf -- CERF, C-E-R-F. He put -- he started a website that said if anyone has any information about the Internet regulation negotiations now going on secretly at the United Nations, please post it anonymously on this site. And two days later somebody did. We still don't know who it is. A 212-page memo that described the document that is now under negotiation which will totally eliminate Internet freedom unless we stand up and fight it.

So these are all the things that's he's going to do to us if he's not re-elected, and do even more if he is.