NRO's Prager: Marriage Equality Ruling Is Just Like Egyptian Military Coup

It's not likely that many observers would compare the Supreme Court marriage equality ruling on Proposition 8 with the military coup that toppled Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi last week, but National Review Online's Dennis Prager insists they're basically the same.

In a July 9 NRO column, Prager likened the overthrow of Egypt's elected government to the Supreme Court's refusal to affirm popularly ratified anti-gay discrimination:

As much as I loathe the Muslim Brotherhood and the whole Islamist enterprise, it is difficult to imagine any other response among Islamists than this: Our votes don't count.

They were voted into office; many Egyptians and the army didn't like the results, so the vote was overthrown.

With some important differences -- and not all of them to the credit of the United States -- the Supreme Court of the United States, colluding judges, and the Democratic party of California did the same thing to the voters of California.

Worth noting: Walker - the “gay leftist” Prager blasted - was appointed to his judgeship by President Ronald Reagan, and developed a reputation as a libertarian-leaning conservative jurist. Nevertheless, Prager is determined to frame marriage equality as a leftist coup akin to Egypt's:

The Left uses left-wing judges and courts to achieve its ends. They uphold votes that support the Left, and overturn those that don't. 

But it gets worse.


[A]nother vote was overturned and the most important social institution was radically redefined. It was all done by a left-wing judge, a left-wing governor of California, and four left-wing justices plus one swing vote on the U.S. Supreme Court.

In America, we don't need the army to overthrow elections. We have left-wing judges to do that.