Dennis Prager: “The vast majority of your kids' teachers lie about whites”

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Citation From the August 8, 2023, edition of The Salem Radio Networks' The Dennis Prager Show

DENNIS PRAGER (HOST): A graduate student at the School of Criminology of Florida State, Justin Pickett, blew the whistle on the issues with the data. That is really -- you know how much work that takes? And guts. Work and guts. Wow. Pickett said he had worked together in 2011 researching whether the public was demanding longer sentences for Black and Hispanic criminals, as those minority populations grew, with the paper claiming that they did, but Stewart had fiddled the sample size to deliver that result. How do you live with yourself? I have an answer. You see, that's why I love analyzing these stories. How does this professor live with himself? He knows he's lying. This is as clear as possible. He has manipulated data. He knows he's lying.

So, there are a number of conclusions to draw. One, the general weakness of the human conscience. This man, I have very strong suspicion, was at peace with his conscience when he lied about whites because the left has given him permission, has shaped his conscience. The conscience is utterly malleable. It is as strong as putty. And it is putty in the hands of the mind and the emotions. You can have your conscience believe anything you want it to believe. So, this professor, like all leftists, did does not have a conscience that thinks in moral terms but a conscience that thinks in racial terms. So he was honoring his conscience by lying about whites. The whole left lies about whites. The vast majority of your kids' teachers lie about whites. They lie about sex and gender because their interest is not, is it true? Is it true is not a left-wing question. Does it further the cause of equity? That might be. Does it shatter the bourgeoisie, the middle class values that have shaped this country? That matters. Is it true? Don't bother me.