Dennis Prager says repealing Title 42 is an “obvious example of a country committing suicide”

Dennis Prager says repealing Title 42 is an "obvious example of a country committing suicide"

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Citation From the April 4, 2022, edition of Salem's The Dennis Prager Show

PRAGER: Now the administration is going to make it exponentially worse by unwinding the last Trump-era restriction. The Title 42 policy, implemented by the Trump administration during the pandemic, to allow border officials to quickly expel migrants on public health grounds will be terminated next month, the CDC announced Friday. Title 42 was the last tool border officials had to stem the flow of illegal migrations from more than 150 countries across the southern border. Now they are anticipating a doubling or tripling of numbers to as many as 18,000 a day.

We know what that means, more secret migrant flights fanning out from the southern border to a town near you. That’s another thing the government does, it then flies them to your town. This is the most obvious example of a country committing suicide as I know of in all of my study of history.

I’m quiet because I have to quell my anger at the Democratic party and at all the Republicans who felt the Democrats were a morally superior choice to Donald Trump. The narcissism of that view, oh me I am above voting for Donald Trump, that’s all it was and there were some wonderful people I know who did that. Most were not wonderful, but I know some, I acknowledge that fact. But it was still narcissism, I am above voting for Donald Trump, I can say I wouldn’t vote for a man who speaks like he does, or a man with his past like Joe Biden was a moral alternative, by the way even if he were it’s irrelevant, if you voted for the Democrats, you voted to ruin this country. 

The reason most don’t acknowledge it is because they don’t even know it. The press keeps them blinded to the realities of the consequences in our schools, on our streets, and at our borders.