Dennis Prager: “Donald Trump has as good a chance at a fair trial in Manhattan as a Black did in the -- in the South in 1900”

Alan Dershowitz: Alvin Bragg is “borrowing from the Jim Crow South”

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Citation From the April 3, 2023, edition of The Salem Radio Network's The Dennis Prager Show

DENNIS PRAGER (HOST): Donald Trump has as good a chance at a fair trial in Manhattan as a Black did in the -- in the South in 1900.

ALAN DERSHOWITZ (GUEST): Yeah, no, I agree with you. And I'll tell you a story from the South. So, in 1961/62, I was training to go down to the South as a civil rights observer. I didn't have the courage to be a, you know, the marcher the bridge, but I was going to wear the armband and report back. And so, the training consisted of the following - our trainer says, do not ever spit on the sidewalk or put your cigarette out because if you're a civil rights worker, they will charge you with a felony, destruction of government property. And they will arrest you and put you in jail because they want to target you, a civil rights worker. And that's what Bragg is doing. He's borrowing from the Jim Crow South. They're saying that Trump spat on the sidewalk, put out a cigarette on the sidewalk, paid hush money -- which is not illegal.

Now, think about what the theory of Bragg is. His theory is what Trump should have done is secretly paid the hush money, $130,000, and then publicly reported on his open corporate form, the reason I paid the secret hush money was to stop my wife, my family and my business associates from learning that I had an allegedly adulterous affair with a porn star. Has anybody in history ever paid hush money and then put the real reason on their corporate forms? It's never happened in history, and nobody in history has ever been indicted for not doing it. He said it was a legal expense. Well, it was - it was a settlement of a lawsuit. You know, they were going to sue him. The idea that it's even a misdemeanor is absurd. Then to turn it into a felony, you know, you have to use a federal offense. The feds decided not to prosecute. So now a New York district attorney will decide to do something federally that the state didn't. And then you have the statute -- my favorite is the statute of limitations. Seven years old, but they could never indict him for the seven years. Why? Because he was out of the state for some of those years in the White House. So you can't indict him if he's out of the state. Well, when do you think they indicted him? Last Thursday. He was out of the state. He was in Florida.