Dennis Miller Tells Small Business Owner: If You Have To Fire Someone, Pick One “With A Obama-Biden Sticker”

From the October 17 edition of Westwood One's The Dennis Miller Show:

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DENNIS MILLER: Promise me this, Tony, if for your purposes you have to let some people go, kind of get the office wrangle of who's an Obama supporter, who's an Affordable Care Act - and do the right thing. You can't go on seniority anymore, there's some people who think this is crap.

Fire a believer, they'll understand, just say “we're all in this together, this is what you wanted, I have to let you go. But at least you'll have health care in the single payer.” Thank you, Tony in Chicago.

Folks I'm not saying that to be mean. That's how weird things have gotten, where if you say that you're thought to be perverse or vindictive. Who else would you fire?

Go out, into the parking lot, if somebody has to be cut to 29 hours, if somebody has to be fired, you know how proud they are, the Obama-Biden bumper stickers in their original permutation they're still on five years down the road. Clock who they are, as you have to fire people, call those people into the office. Not somebody who doesn't believe in it, that's been there two days less than them, that's the past, that's silly. You're doing the right thing, you're not being mean. Look them in the eyes and say, “You know,this is your thing. I can't afford you anymore. So at least you know I'm doing the right thing.”

They won't argue with you. Ooh, if they do, I'd be shocked. Because certainly we all have to pull together here, don't we?

Fire somebody with an Obama-Biden sticker on their car in the employee parking lot. It's the right thing to do. They'll understand. They're patriots.


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