Fox anchor Dana Perino suggests to Arkansas' governor that the CDC is to blame for the state's low vaccination rate

Right-wing media, including Fox News personalities, have repeatedly cast doubt on vaccines

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Citation From the August 3, 2021, edition of Fox News' America's Newsroom

BILL HEMMER (ANCHOR): What is your challenge in getting people to get the jabs?

ASA HUTCHINSON (GOVERNOR OF ARKANSAS):  First of all, we're working very hard. We're taking it to the communities. I've been to 16 cities holding town hall meetings, having community doctors there, open conversations. Those that are skeptics, those that have had experience with it, put it out on the table and get good, accurate information to them. We've seen a 40% increase in vaccinations since we started this.

Now, much of that is because of the increased risk because of the delta variant but we are seeing the vaccinations go up as people get more greatly concerned. Our hospitals are really struggling right now and people see that. They know people who are getting the covid and so they are responding by getting vaccinations. So, I expect to see those numbers go up significantly, and we're working hard to make sure that happens; because despite all of the challenges, that's the best way out of this. The most reliable source is your local doctor. Get your source of information from a medical professional that you trust and that's what we urge people to do.

DANA PERINO (ANCHOR): And as you mentioned the hospitalizations in Arkansas saw the biggest increase yesterday since March of 2020. Has the confusion from the CDC – they are being roundly criticized from all sides – has that frustrated your efforts in Arkansas?

HUTCHINSON: Well sure. There has been some inconsistency and that's been challenging because people point to the CDC and they look at that as big government now versus a trusted messenger and that's a problem. Now to CDC's credit, whenever you had that breakthrough – those breakthrough cases in Providence, Massachusetts, they reported that. They did the studies. So, they have been transparent on the data. And people need to – whenever they have questions, you can go to your department of health website, you can go to the CDC and get that information. But the other challenge just in terms of credibility goes to let's just go to your local doctor. They don't trust government. They are skeptical about government. Go to somebody who is trusted, believe in. Because the conspiracy does not go that far.