Dana Loesch hosts Texas lawmaker who told Beto O'Rouke his AR-15 “is ready for you”

Loesch defended the lawmaker and said O'Rourke's support for an assault weapons buyback “would qualify as a threat”

Dana Loesch 9/13/19

Dana Loesch
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Citation From the September 13 edition of Radio America’s The Dana Show:

DANA LOESCH (HOST): Tell people what your intent was.

BRISCOE CAIN (TEXAS STATE REPRESENTATIVE): Oh, my intent was to let him know, if you want it, come and take it. Look, this is Texas and America and thank God we’ve got things enshrined in our Constitution. I’m so glad our Founding Fathers realized that that thing needed to be amended and remind the world that this is a right they can’t touch and it's of course in the Texas Constitution as well to remind people that everybody has this right to keep and bear arms [inaudible] themselves and of the state. It’s kind of reminding people that it’s there not just there for self-defense but to prevent a tyrannical government from making us all serfs. And of course it wasn’t a threat, he knows that. He’s an attorney, I believe. 


LOESCH: To me, it seems as though when you say you’re going to defend yourself from a promised action of lawless -- what I can only imagine would be force -- that isn’t a threat. But what worries me is that you have lawmakers saying, which -- I think that what O’Rourke said actually was pretty threatening; that, to me, would qualify as a threat, and I don't know why anyone would be defending what seems to be a state-sanctioned threat.