Fox's Dan Bongino says it’s “Chinese propaganda” to point out Stephen Miller wrote Trump's Oval Office speech

Bongino: “You're a bullshit artist, okay? ... What you just said is Chinese propaganda”

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Citation From the March 12, 2020, edition of Fox News' Hannity:

GERALDO RIVERA: We're on the same side, it is about messaging, and that speech was written by senior advisor Stephen Miller, same guy that imposed the Muslim ban --

SEAN HANNITY (HOST): Oh my gosh.

RIVERA: You had pregnant women knocking over each other with babies and --

HANNITY: Are Americans safer?

RIVERA: You can do these things, you do them right. You do them the American way.

HANNITY: Dan, bail me out.

DAN BONGINO: Geraldo, you realize you're repeating Chinese propaganda here, I hope you understand that you're -- you may be smart enough to know that, who knows.

RIVERA: Oh, don't give me that crap. You -- what are you -- what are you talking about?

BONGINO: Geraldo, you are repeating Chinese propaganda.

RIVERA: Chinese propaganda? You're a cheap shot artist. You're a cheap shot artist.

BONGINO: You're suggesting -- hold on --

RIVERA: Talk to the facts -- talk to the facts --

BONGINO: You know what? You're a bullshit artist, okay?

RIVERA: I'm -- Chinese propaganda, you know what? You're lucky you're not in front of me, big guy.

BONGINO: What you just said is Chinese propaganda -- really? I strongly suggest you rethink that approach. You are repeating Chinese propaganda on this channel, and you know it, that Stephen Miller cheap shot is outrageous.

RIVERA: Oh, don't -- Do you have a fact? Do you have a fact?

BONGINO: It is a foreign virus -- can you be quiet for two seconds while I talk?

RIVERA: Can you make an intellectual argument about anything? Can you make an intellectual argument?

BONGINO: Listen, you're upset because you're getting called out right now, that's why. Now control yourself and pipe down.

RIVERA: Oh, Dan --

BONGINO: The Wuhan virus from Wuhan is a virus from China that is a foreign virus. Blaming it on Stephen Miller is outrageously stupid.