Dan Bongino says “It's clear now we're living in the police state” after Trump's third indictment: “The republic is now officially dead”

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Citation From the August 2, 2023, edition of The Dan Bongino Show

DAN BONGINO (HOST): The break-glass moment is definitely now here. It's clear now we're living in the police state. Well, we've been living in the police state for a while. But I said to you, we still had a window to get this back. I'm afraid now that window has shrunk significantly. Here's what I'm saying, bottom line up front, the republic is dead. The republic is now officially dead. I'm not telling you we can't resuscitate it, get it back to life, and get the freedom train somewhat back to the station, I'm just telling you the amount of work to do so is grown geometrically as of yesterday.

The left has given up any pretense, any pretense whatsoever, of loving this country and not targeting you, the masks are over, the masks are off, the bullshit started. They're coming for you, and I'm telling you, you are not safe from this Justice Department. I mean it. The second you get a profile in the political space and start to grow a campaign, you will be spied on, you can be targeted and you could potentially be locked up. Make no mistake, what happened yesterday with President Trump and the targeting of him and his attorneys by this piece of human scum, all of these people targeting him in the Justice Department that have forfeited any semblance of allegiance and fidelity to the constitutional republic.

They are coming for you next. These people aren't dicking around. They're not effing around. These people are now full-blown tyrants. They don't give a shit what you think. They don't care about acts and little like, putting the, you know, the patina of credibility on themselves and pretending and smiling. They're saying, F you motherf’ers, we're coming for you, we're in charge, make us stop.

I hope you've digested this. This is a heavy open, and I'm sorry to hit you with a lot at once, but the time for bullshit is over.