Dan Bongino blames the left for “young boys who don't understand the penalities of excess physicality to the point of murder”

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Citation From the May 26, 2022, edition of The Dan Bongino Show

DAN BONGINO: The left has played a role in the culture rot. You're going to say that? Yes, yes I am. The constant war on religion, church communities where -- Joe, I know you -- growing up people did things through the church. The church was the centerpiece of the community. There were student groups, there was after hours things. There was donuts and coffee after church. We still do it in my neighborhood. They don't do that anymore, every kid wants to go home and get on Twitter or sit in the basement watching some anime or something. 

The left did that, that was the left's idea to dismantle and attack the church. It was the left's idea to attach children from the father. You know I read an observational study one time, I'm always fascinated by psychology -- I read an observational study one time about how children need their fathers around because -- obviously you need your father around -- because men and women love their kids different. Not better, not worse. But a mom and a father love differently. And one of the things about fathers that was in this observational study was that they roughhouse. 

But fathers roughhouse with boys and girls, and it teaches the boys and the girls at a young age with the dad, who they know loves them, they know it, that physicality doesn't always mean violence. It was a profound -- it really changed a lot for me. And yet you've got this -- not Democrat war, I'm not gonna go there. 

But this radical leftist war on the family and church which are a bedrock of values and teaching kids how to socialize into a human community properly and you attacked it and ripped it to pieces and you wonder why we've got a generation of young boys who don't understand the penalties of excess physicality to the point of murder? You’ve got an entire generation of young men and women growing up without dads.