On YouTube, The Daily Wire's Jordan Peterson calls gender-affirming care for minors “Nazi medical experiment-level wrong”

Peterson: “It's not just wrong. It's Auschwitz and Gulag-level wrong. It's Nazi medical experiment-level wrong”

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Citation From the July 15, 2022, edition of The Daily Wire's Jordan Peterson Uncensored, posted to YouTube

JORDAN PETERSON (HOST): What should be done? Here's a concrete proposal. Are you listening, classic liberals? Are you listening, small-c conservatives? How about legislation absolutely ensuring the right of transitioned minors to sue their counselors and physicals when they attain legal adulthood? And, even more firmly, how about making the medical conversion of boys into girls and girls into boys illegal? We don't allow minors to get tattoos, they can't drink, or drive, or both. They can't vote. And plenty of them are confused enough and hurt enough and starved for attention enough to drift into the hands of the villainous woke propagandists to allow the butchers to cut off their breasts and their balls.

We have already passed legislation in much of the Western world outlawing so-called conversion therapy, which was a pseudo-problem to begin with because it was virtually never happening, except among more explicitly fundamentalist counselors who were sporadically attempting to remediate – is there a more politically correct word? – homosexuality.

I don't know if anyone's noticed, but the most severe form of conversion therapy is precisely the double mastectomies, the removal of ovaries, uteri, and testes and hormonal transformation of hapless children. So now a counselor, physician, or social worker risks his or her license, reputation, and livelihood if she or he dares talk to a minor about identity. But a butcher masquerading as a benevolent surgeon can castrate with impunity and be celebrated as a moral paragon.

How about we stop doing this? It's wrong. Do I really have to say this? It's not just wrong. It's Auschwitz and Gulag-level wrong. It's Nazi medical experiment-level wrong. It's Unit 731-level wrong – and I'll put a trigger warning on that. Look up Unit 731 at your extreme peril, and I'm dead serious about that.