Not content to eradicate “transgenderism,” The Daily Wire's Michael Knowles attacks gay marriage, the sexual revolution, and feminism

Knowles: “Even many conservatives defend the alleged right to these sorts of behaviors ... And they have to believe in such rights if they accept the illogic of feminism”

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Citation "How Feminism Destroys Women (And Everything Else) | Michael Knowles LIVE at University at Buffalo"

MICHAEL KNOWLES (THE DAILY WIRE): Virtually no one, left, right, or center, seriously argued that men had some right to change their birth certificates to pretend to be the opposite sex. Now, not only do the liberals believe that such a right exists, but even many conservatives believe it as well. And they have to believe it. They have to believe it if they accept the left's previous victory in the culture war: the redefinition of marriage to include same-sex unions. The logic, or illogic, rather, of so-called "gay marriage" is that men and women are basically the same. That the union of two men, and the union of two women, is the same as the union of a man and a woman.


Now, even many conservatives accept so-called "gay marriage." And they have to. They have to accept gay marriage if they accept the illogic of the sexual revolution, which held that all sexual relations are fine and dandy so long as they're consensual. After the sexual revolution, the only test for sexual ethics became "if it feels good, do it." For most of American history, nobody believed that. For most of American history, there were all sorts of laws against certain sexual behaviors. There were famously laws against sodomy, but there were all sorts of other laws as well. Laws against fornication, laws against adultery. Laws against plenty of other destructive sexual behaviors. Those laws were on the books as recently as 2003, when liberals on the Supreme Court discovered in the Constitution some sort of right to all those things.


Now, even many conservatives defend the alleged right to these sorts of behaviors. The right to fornication. And they have to believe in such rights if they accept the illogic of feminism, which is the topic we are here to discuss. Feminism, which sits at the origin of the gender debate. Because it was the feminists who first insisted that men and women are pretty much exactly the same. It wasn't the transvestites [sic]. It wasn't the homosexuals. It was the feminists. 

The feminists who said "a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle." The feminists, who burned their bras. Who loosened divorce laws. Who weakened the family as the fundamental political institution. 

Sure, Conservatives opposed them for a time, but now many if not most Conservatives consider themselves to be, to some degree, feminists. But they should not. They should not, because feminism has made everybody miserable. Especially women. 


The science is clear: feminism has made women miserable. The misery-inducing effects of feminism are not a new discovery. In fact, they have always been a feature of the feminist movement. As radical feminist Carol Hanisch explained in her influential 1970 essay "The Personal is Political," the very point of feminism in the mid-twentieth century was to make happy women less happy.


Gender ideologues have maintained that tradition of weaponizing therapy for political ends. They prattle on and on about mental health – the importance of mental health – even as they valorize and encourage mental illness. They rant about the evils of conversion therapy, by which they mean various talk therapy techniques that seek to dispel confused people of their delusions, even as they undertake their own far more aggressive form of conversion therapy: conversion therapy that endeavors to convert boys to girls and girls to boys.

These gender ideologues understand that all therapy is conversion therapy.

All therapy endeavors to transform minds and behavior. So, they stigmatize and outlaw therapeutic processes that seek to turn patients' minds away from delusion and towards the truth. At the same time, they mandate therapy that encourages and entrenches that delusion.

Modern gender ideologues do this because they recognize that the feminists, though wrong on human nature and most things, were right on strategy and tactics.