Fox News' “hard news” program The Story is taking Donald Trump's idea to buy Greenland seriously

Fox guest: “It's a brilliant idea”

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Citation From the August 16 edition of Fox News' The Story with Martha MacCallum: 

MICHAEL KNOWLES (GUEST): It's quite serious, actually. I mean, that's the thing about land is that God isn't making any more of it, so it's usually a good investment. Real estate has paid off well for the United States - the Louisiana Purchase, the annexation of Texas, California, obviously Alaska. Another point that Secretary of State Pompeo pointed out is that if the direst warnings about global warming do come true, then you could be looking at new trading routes that are being opened up through the Arctic. And this could be in his words the Suez or the Panama Canal of the 21st century.

So I do think it's a serious thing to mention. Obviously we tried to buy it in 1946 for $100 million. The price might be going up. But I don't think it's totally off of the table. And from a geo-strategic point of view, I think it's totally worth bringing up. To the question of whether or not Donald Trump is merely distracting. It is true that Donald Trump is the king of controlling the media narrative. But he has this knack of bringing up actually serious concepts. And because he is the one who is bringing it up, people dismiss it out of hand. I think it's a brilliant idea. And I think we should look forward to it. If Denmark says it's not for sale, that seems to me like the beginning of a real negotiation. Perhaps we will actually see the art of the deal.