The Daily Wire's Matt Walsh blames an overly “feminine influence” on boys as a potential contributing factor causing mass shooters

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Citation From the August 6 edition of The Daily Wire's The Matt Walsh Show: 

MATT WALSH (HOST): When all boys have is a sort of feminine influence -- now, not all women are like this but a mom is more likely to say 'oh, you still don't hit back.' The mom is more likely to -- because she's the feminine influence - she's more focused on the fact that her son is hurting, he's got the black eye, that's what she's focused on. Where, as the father, you're worried about his physical pain but that's not the main thing you're focused on. You want to know did he swing first, did you win, that's going to be one of your questions. Boy needs that also, he can't just have the feminine influence.


Boys are still being put at a disadvantage, even if they don't end up as mass killers. They are still going to end up taking unhealthy risks in some form. They're still going to end up finding unhealthy outlets for their aggression in some form. They're still going to end up confused about who they are and that is in some way going to come out.