Daily Wire podcaster who “often bragged” he was immune to poison ivy calls for ignorant people to be barred from voting

The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh is a podcaster who had “often bragged” he was immune to poison ivy before learning the hard way that such immunity does not exist, claimed that climate change would make the COVID-19 pandemic end sooner, declared that it is impossible to be racist against Chinese people because “Chinese is not a race,” and made plenty of other, shall we say, intellectually questionable statements.

And yet, on the August 3 edition of his podcast for The Daily Wire, Walsh claimed that “voting ought to be a privilege reserved for informed, grown-up, contributing members of society,” and he called for disenfranchising any American who is “a noncontributing ignoramus.”

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Citation From the August 3, 2020, edition of The Daily Wire's The Matt Walsh Show 

MATT WALSH (HOST): If voting is not important enough to you, if it’s not enough of a priority to expend any real effort to do it, then you shouldn’t be voting at all. Your voice is not needed and would probably do more harm than good in the voting booth anyway. And if you are a noncontributing ignoramus -- someone who has no real stake in society and who contributes nothing of substance to it, who is not productive, and who knows nothing about our system -- then you should not be able to participate in it. At least, in the capacity of a voter. Voting ought to be a privilege reserved for informed, grown-up, contributing members of society. If you aren’t paying taxes, then you shouldn’t have any say in where tax money, other people’s money, goes. And if you are woefully ignorant of even the most basic facts of our system, then you shouldn’t be able to -- by wandering into a voting booth, or worse, by mail from your home -- muddy the waters by randomly casting a ballot ignorantly with no idea of what you’re even doing. You know, we don’t let people drive on highways that way, why should we let them drive the republic that way? The consequences, after all, are just as dire if not considerably more so.