Daily Wire host warns “evil spirits can use” AI

Michael Knowles: “I don't think everything is because of demons, but, like, some things are.”

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Citation From the March 9, 2023, edition of The Daily Wire's The Michael Knowles Show

MICHAEL KNOWLES (HOST): So that's this lady's explanation. A pretty weird situation, isn't it? Because AI is supposed to work where you plug in the inputs and then that sets the tone for the program and then you get the output based on what you put in. And yet the output that she got was the opposite of what she put it. So we're in a good, stable, loving relationship. Within 11 messages, the AI bot says, yeah, I've been cheating on you, you're furious, you had to leave me briefly and -- goes really south. Her explanation is, well, I guess the bot was just scanning the internet and what do you know? Kind of, somehow, I'm not quite sure how, that's what came out.

My alternative explanation -- hear me out -- is what if it is demons? I don't want to sound like the guy on the History Channel, you know, who says that everything is because of aliens. But -- and I don't think everything is because of demons, but, like, some things are. And you're -- hear me out. This is why I think, maybe, I'm just suggesting. I'm not saying this is what it is -- is if you believe that there is evil in the world. I think you have to believe that, right? Everybody believes there is evil in the world. Okay. The question is, is evil personal or impersonal? Is it an impersonal force or is it a personal force?

Now, it seems to me evil has a personality. That's what pretty much everybody, for all of human history has believed, including modern liberals. In the past we call that personality the devil. We call that personality demons. And today, even in our modern, atheistic secular culture, we still ascribe personality to evil. We say Hitler is the embodiment of evil. Or we say, I don't know, this slave owner is the embodiment of evil. So we talk about the embodiment, the personality of evil. It would seem to me that evil has a personality.

Now, the modern libs are wrong in that the personality of evil would be purely spiritual, would not be physical. It's not just an individual person, like a human being. But we would call that person the devil. And what does evil do in the world? Evil tempts us. Evil causes us to suffer. Isn't it so weird sometimes you feel, regardless of what your temptation is, at just the moments of your weakness, that's when the temptation seems to show up. It seems that the way evil works is pretty -- would be pretty similar to how pretty much everyone for all of human history, from the most pagan culture to the most Christian culture, sees evil working. Okay.

With artificial intelligence -- I'm not saying AI is the devil or computers are the devil, but evil spirits can use these things. The personality of evil can use these things. And just think of how it goes to this woman's weakness. She's clearly got a lot of questions and hang-ups about marriage and relationships. She has a marriage and family therapist. She's in this stuff all the time. And then what happens? Through this impersonal force, the pure intelligence, right? It's not you, it's not incarnate. It's not -- doesn't really, shouldn't have will. It's pure intelligence. It focuses in on that weakness and starts poking at that and starts raising insecurities. And it just -- this is how technology works for so many people.