Daily Wire host says Trump's Supreme Court nominee should be confirmed to “trigger the libs”

Michael Knowles: “It will be very, very funny”

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Citation From the September 21, 2020, edition of The Daily Wire's The Michael Knowles Show 

MICHAEL KNOWLES (HOST): I don't care that Amy Barrett's a woman. I don't think a woman needs to replace RBG on the Supreme Court. I don't think a woman needs to have it all. You know, needs to have this very intense career and have a total family life. I don't think you have to do that. But they do, and she did it, but she doesn't think the way that they think. So, now all of sudden, they hate her, they're going to try to kick her out. 

We absolutely should push her through, if for no other reason than to trigger the libs. It will be very, very funny. Also, the reason we need to push her through, I think we should all get on board -- if it's her, there are a couple other people being talked about, she is the leading contender right now -- but the reason we need to push through this nominee, if the nominee is in any way acceptable to conservatives, is because we're in a bare-knuckle moment in politics right now. We're not in a nice, deliberative moment in politics where all these judicial nominees get unanimously confirmed. That's gone. And the Democrats ruined that. And so, we've got to play. We've got to participate in the politics that we actually have. This is bare-knuckle stuff.