Daily Wire host says it's “treasonous” for “stupid” people to vote

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Citation From the October 7, 2020, edition of The Daily Wire's Backstage

MATT WALSH (HOST): If you are the sort of person who would vote because you saw a montage of naked celebrities telling you to, then you're exactly the sort of person who should not vote. Which is why I've never gone for this whole idea that voting is a sacred duty, it's a sacred right, everyone should do it, if you vote you should be proud of yourself and get an "I voted" sticker and post it on Instagram and tell everyone. No. If you are ignorant and stupid and you go and vote anyway, despite having no base of knowledge and having no idea what you're doing, then you should not be proud. You should be ashamed of inflicting your stupidity on the country. OK? It is almost treasonous what you have done. 

So I don't want to hear that you voted. I want to hear I voted in an informed and knowledgeable way. Which wouldn't really fit on a sticker. But that's -- which is why get out the vote campaigns are not needed. Because informed, engaged, knowledgeable people - they don't need to be told, you don't need to explain to them how to vote, or you do not need to do PSAs and have billboards and stuff when they're driving down. No. The set of people who we really want to vote don't need to be told. Everyone else who needs to be told, we don't want them.