Daily Wire host: “I'm not sure I believe this jobs report”

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Citation From the February 7, 2023, edition of The Daily Wire's Backstage, streamed on YouTube

ANDREW KLAVAN (CO-HOST): Well, I think the one thing that always gets me about Joe Biden is after four years of listening to how Donald Trump lied about this and lied about that – no one's going to defend Donald Trump as the icon of truth. He was kind of a carny barker, exaggerated things. This guy lies with such aggression –


KLAVAN: That it's offensive, it is offensive to be told that you can afford bread when you can't. It's offensive to be told that everything tickety-boo when everything is going down the crapper.

This immediate moment, he's had this jobs report, which I'm suspicious of. I'm not sure I believe this jobs report which has cut the unemployment rate to something like it's lowest level in – which, by the way, is actually bad for inflation which is our real problem. Right now, we have this tremendous problem that ordinary people are having a hard time buying the staples. That is the state of play.