Daily Wire host compares gay couples using egg donors to slavery

Michael Knowles: “It is the most evil thing going on in the country today other than abortion”

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Citation From the February 21, 2023, edition of The Daily Wire's The Michael Knowles Show

MICHAEL KNOWLES (HOST): This one's actually more disturbing. This is a couple of fellas in a romantic relationship with one another bragging about how they purchased a baby.


KNOWLES: So we were going out, we were going to look to where we could buy our cotton picker. You know, so we went to the market we wanted – we knew we wanted a cotton picker with nice big broad shoulders and nice thick, stocky legs like tree trunks. You know? Doing a great job out there in the field. And so we went the first one didn't work out. Second one, we couldn't quite get them at the – at the fair. But the third one, finally we got him. Isn't that great? Yeah. And as a result -- isn't that great.

Call me crazy. Call me old-fashioned. Call me some fuddy-duddy. I think it's wrong to buy people. I think that's wrong. And most people seem to agree with that concept when we talk about the past. They say, you know, going to a slave market and just viewing people as brute animals and then purchasing them and then having them as part of our household, that was wrong. We actually – we fought a very bloody war that was, in large part over that issue.

And now we just do it again. Instead of buying Black guys, we buy the eggs of poor women and then we rent the wombs of other poor women and then we have purchased ourselves a designer baby – with just the right hair that we wanted and just the right eyes. And we knew we wanted a big, nice smile. Give me – oh, so sorry, lady. You're not – that smile's not big enough. Move along. Let's open up that catalog. Get some more options here. Really awful.

To say nothing of the fact that then these two men have created a child with the express intent of denying that child his mother. The relationship to one's mother is one of the most important relationships that one will ever have in one's life. The care of a mother, the nurturing of a mother.

And these men decided to create a child with the express intent of ripping that child away from his mother. It is the most evil thing going on in the country today other than abortion, other than killing babies in the womb. Creating a baby for the purpose of pulling that baby away from his mother – it's so profoundly evil. And, more broadly, treating people like commodities to be purchased on the open market. That is very, very evil.