Daily Wire host advocates secession: “We never promised to be together forever”

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Citation From the September 17, 2021, edition of The Daily Wire's The Matt Walsh Show, streamed on YouTube

MATT WALSH (HOST): This is indeed the country they want. This is how they want to live. And that is yet one more reason why we cannot all continue to live in the same country for much longer. It's not just this issue, of course, but this issue, again, reveals a truth that we need to finally once and for all confront: There is a deep division in this country and the people on either side of that division, on either side of that chasm, have radically and fundamentally opposing desires for the sort of society they want to live in. This goes far beyond political differences, our visions for the future, our hopes for tomorrow stand in complete contrast with one another. Such a contrast that one side's dream for the future is the other side's nightmare. It wasn't always this way, but it is now. We have no common values, no shared principles, no shared beliefs. We have nothing in common. We don't like or respect each other. 


But this also isn't all about their attitudes. I mean, I don't root for anybody to die of COVID but I do share in their fundamental lack of respect for the side opposed to my own. I admit that. When I see a man who thinks that we should force masks onto 2-year-olds — you know that video we played at the start of the show yesterday of a 2-year-old sitting on a plane gasping for breath and crying, confused and scared with like, with this mask on his face — when I see that and all of these people who support that, and many of them also support chemically castrating 12-year-olds and dismembering babies in the womb, when I see a man who holds all those views – I cannot respect him. Even if I wanted to respect him, I couldn't. There's nothing to respect. It's easy enough to say that “well we could disagree, but we should still respect each other”  I don't. I don't want to share a country with people like that. And they don't want to share a country with me, I know that.


WALSH: That, in fact, is yet another thing that makes our divide insurmountable and it makes this uncrossable, there's no bridge that can cross it. Because they hate the country they live in, they have disdain for its history, its culture, its traditions, everything. I would imagine that if they had their own country, they wouldn't want USA in the name at all. They'd probably want to call it the People's Republic of North America or something. And that's fine. They can call it whatever they want, because it would be their country. 


Now, the only difference is that in a marriage you've made an eternal vow to one another. You have promised to never leave, to stay together in sickness and health until death. That's the reason — that's reason enough that when you go through that in marriage, you try to struggle through it if you can, you go to counseling, look for a solution. But we as a nation have made no eternal vows. We never promised to be together forever. We can't promise that. No nation, no nation on earth remains wholly intact forever. Doesn't happen. Nations are formed, they expand, they break apart, they change, eventually they cease to exist. That's the cycle of history. We are not exempt from it. And we need to realize that. 

Probably, history will look back on the United States in its current form as a star that shined brightly but burned out quickly. That'll be our legacy, and it's not a terrible legacy to have. Every star burns out eventually. At least ours, while it lasted, was the brightest in the sky.