National Network to End Domestic Violence takes Daily Caller columnist to task

Yesterday, Media Matters noted that Daily Caller scribe Carey Roberts denounced “the Abuse Mavens” of the “domestic violence industry” who “ginned up this grand scheme: Let's exponentially broaden the definition of domestic violence” because they “don't want to see their generous paychecks trimmed.”

In a statement to given to Media Matters today, National Network to End Domestic Violence (NNEDV) communications director Brian Namey took Roberts to task saying:

Anyone who has a mother, sister, friend, or colleague who has been abused knows that Carey Roberts' claims are completely outlandish. Domestic violence is all about controlling an intimate partner through a combination of tactics – physical, sexual, emotional, or financial.

According to NNEDV's website, the organization “was founded more than 15 years ago to be the leading voice for survivors of domestic violence and their allies.”