Fox Business Hosts “Daily Caller Contributor” To Discuss Ron Paul -- Doesn't Disclose He Works For Him

Last night on his Fox Business program, Andrew Napolitano hosted “Daily Caller contributor Jack Hunter,” who discussed the presidential campaigns of Rick Perry, Mitt Romney and Ron Paul. But at no point did Napolitano or Fox Business disclose a relevant fact: Jack Hunter works for Ron Paul.

On Freedom Watch, after Hunter criticized Paul opponents Romney and Perry, Napolitano asked Hunter about Paul:

NAPOLITANO: When Ron Paul says things like, we ought to know what the Fed is doing. We ought to be able to audit the Fed. We ought to get rid of the Fed. The Fed has more money than the Congress has. The Fed has spent more money than the Congress has put us into debt.

HUNTER: Right.

NAPOLITANO: Are those arguments beginning to resonate? Didn't we see something happen in California over the weekend that Congressman Paul, explain it to me, Jack, finished first?

HUNTER: Well, you had a -- the Republican State Convention. You had the straw poll there, and of course, Ron Paul won that, by leaps and bounds was ahead of Perry who was in second. Romney was in third. As far as auditing the Federal Reserve and getting to the meat of the matter when we're talking about our fiscal crises, people are recognizing that we need to look at the root of the problem.

It is a monetary problem. It is about the value of our dollar. It's about printing money out of thin air. More Americans than ever are willing to look at that root problem, and until we do that, we're not going to be able to turn this country around.

Paul's campaign announced in July that it “gained a key media figure with the hiring of conservative commentator and columnist Jack Hunter as official campaign blogger.” A press release quoted Hunter stating that it's “a genuine privilege to be a part of the Ron Paul 2012 presidential campaign.” Ron Paul's campaign website features the blog “Paulitical Ticker With Jack Hunter.”

During the segment, on-screen text identified Hunter as a “DAILYCALLER CONTRIBUTOR” and “DAILYCALLER WRITER.” A sidebar also identified him as co-writing Sen. Rand Paul's book; having been “involved in high profile feud with Mark Levin”; and “sometimes known as the 'Southern Avenger.'”

While some at Fox News have been critical of Paul, Napolitano has been one of the Texan's biggest fans. Napolitano appeared at a fundraising BBQ for Paul's congressional campaign in 2009, and has repeatedly hosted and praised him on his Fox Business program. Paul, in turn, has said he really admires Napolitano and that “he'd be grand on the Supreme Court.”