Daily Caller sets a new low in printing anonymous partisan screeds

You might think it's impossible to out-do Politico when it comes to granting political operatives anonymity so those operatives can lob partisan attacks at the other team that they'd be unwilling to put their name behind. (Here's a recent example.)

But it turns out Politico is a bunch of amateurs compared to Tucker Carlson's Daily Caller, which has decided to cut out the middle man entirely. Rather than typing up some GOP operative's (anonymous) attack on the Democrats, then dashing off a few paragraphs as filler, Daily Caller took a much more efficient approach: It ran a column equating Eric Massa And Mark Foley -- a column written by someone identified only as “Mr. GOP, a former House leadership staffer, [who] is writing under an assumed name to protect his identity.”

Aside from the obvious absurdity of granting a political operative an anonymous column to hype a scandal in the other party, you have to love the circularity of the Daily Caller's explanation for why “Mr. GOP” wanted that anonymity. He's “writing under an assumed name to protect his identity”? Gee, you don't say? Why else would someone write under an assumed name? The real question isn't why “Mr. GOP” wanted to “protect his identity” -- it's why The Daily Caller wanted to.